SMPTE Registration Authority, LLC

3 Barker Avenue
White Plains, NY 10601 USA
Tel: +1 914 761 1100
Fax: +1 914 761 3115

SMPTE Registration Authority, LLC is the registration authority for ISO/IEC 13818-1:2000 Information Technology - Generic coding of moving pictures and associated audio information - Systems

SMPTE is authorized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to register MPEG-2 format identifiers per ISO/IEC 13818-1:2000 Annex O: Registration procedure [for "format_identifier" ].

The registration descriptor of MPEG-2 transport is provided by ISO 13818-1 in order to enable users of the standard to unambiguously carry data when its format is not necessarily a recognized international standard. This provision will permit the MPEG-2 transport standard to carry all types of data while providing for a method of unambiguous identification of the characteristics of the underlying private data.

ISO/IEC 13818-1:2000 clause 2.6.9 specifies format_identifier is a 32-bit value obtained from the Registration Authority.

Registrations for format_identifiers

ASCII Name Hexadecimal Value Organization
AC-3 41-43-2D-33 ATSC
ARRS 41-52-52-53 Arris Group, Inc.
AVSV 41-56-53-56 Audio Video Coding Standard Working Group of China
BDC0 42-44-43-30 Broadcast Data Corporation
BSSD 42-53-53-44 SMPTE
CAPO 43-41-50-4F SMPTE
CUEI 43-55-45-49 SCTE
DDED 44-44-45-44 LGEUS
DISH 44-49-53-48 EchoStar Communications Corporation
dmat 64-6D-61-74 Dolby Laboratories, Inc.
DRA1 44-52-41-31 Digital Rise
drac 64-72-61-63 British Broadcasting Corporation
DTS1 44-54-53-31 DTS Inc.
DTS2 44-54-53-32 DTS Inc.
DTS3 44-54-53-33 DTS Inc.
DTVI 44-54-56-49 DTV Innovations
DVDF 44-56-44-46 DVD Format/Logo Licensing Corporation
EAC3 45-41-43-33 Dolby Laboratories, Inc.
EBP0 to EBP9 45-42-50-30 to 45-42-50-39 Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.
ETV1 45-54-56-31 Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.
GA94 47-41-39-34 ATSC
GWKS 47-57-4B-53GuideWorks
HDMV 48-44-4D-56 Sony
HDMX 48-44-4D-58 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd.
HDPR 48-44-50-52 AVC Networks Company, Panasonic Corporation
HLIT 48-4C-49-54 Harmonic Inc.
ID3 49-44-33-20 Apple, Inc.
KLVA 4B-4C-56-41 SMPTE
LIPS 4C-49-50-53 SMPTE
LU-A 4C-55-2D-41 Harris Corporation
mlpa 6D-6C-70-61 Dolby Laboratories, Inc.
MTRM 4D-54-52-4D Victor Company of Japan, Limited
NMR1 4E-4D-52-31 Nielsen Media Research
NPO1 4E-50-4F-31 Nederlandse Publieke Omroep (NPO, Dutch Public Broadcasting)
NWTV 4E-57-54-56 Digital TV Information Research Group
OMVC 4F-4D-56-43 Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC)
Opus 4F-70-75-73 Mozilla
PAUX 50-41-55-58 Philips DVS
PMSF 50-4D-53-46 Sony
PRMC 50-52-4D-43 Philips DVS
SBSB 53-42-53-42 SBS Broadcasting
SCTE 53-43-54-45 SCTE
SEN1 53-45-4E-31Sencore
SESF 53-45-53-46 Sony
SOPI 53-4F-50-49 Sony
SPLC 53-50-4C-43 SMPTE
SVMD 53-56-4D-44 SMPTE
SYNC 53-59-4E-43 Syncbak, Inc.
SZMI 53-5A-4D-49 Building B
TRIV 54-52-49-56 Triveni Digital
TSBV 54-53-42-56 Toshiba
TSHV 54-53-48-56 Sony
TSMV 54-53-4D-56 Sony
TTA0 54-54-41-30 Telecommunication Technology Association(TTA)
TVG1 54-56-47-31 Rovi Corporation
TVG2 54-56-47-32 Rovi Corporation
TVG3 54-56-47-33 Rovi Corporation
ULI0 55-4C-49-30 Update Logic, Inc.
ULE1 55-4C-45-31 University of Aberdeen (IETF)
US00 to US09 55-53-30-30 to 55-53-30-39 NIMA
US10 to US19 55-53-31-30 to 55-53-31-39 NIMA
US20 to US29 55-53-32-30 to 55-53-32-39 NIMA
US30 to US39 55-53-33-30 to 55-53-33-39 NIMA
US40 to US49 55-53-34-30 to 55-53-34-39 NIMA
US50 to US59 55-53-35-30 to 55-53-35-39 NIMA
US60 to US69 55-53-36-30 to 55-53-36-39 NIMA
US70 to US79 55-53-37-30 to 55-53-37-39 NIMA
US80 to US89 55-53-38-30 to 55-53-38-39 NIMA
US90 to US99 55-53-39-30 to 55-53-39-39 NIMA
VC-1 56-43-2D-31 SMPTE
VC-4 56-43-2D-34 SMPTE
XMP_ 58-4D-50-5F Adobe Systems