Listing of Registered Identifiers

The table below provides information on all currently registered identifiers.  Click on the top bar to sort by required field; hover to the left of the ASCII Value to view or print an individual record.

Applicants for new identifiers should check the listings below to ensure that the chosen identifier has not been previously registered, then follow the instructions on the application form.  

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US Government Registrations

The Identifiers US00 to US99 (hex 55-53-30-30 to 55-53-39-39) inclusive are registered by US Government organizations ...


ASCII  Value Hex
US00 to US09 55-53-30-30 to 55-53-30-39
US10 to US19 55-53-31-30 to 55-53-31-39
US20 to US29 55-53-32-30 to 55-53-32-39
US30 to US39 55-53-33-30 to 55-53-33-39
US40 to US49 55-53-34-30 to 55-53-34-39
US50 to US59 55-53-35-30 to 55-53-35-39
US60 to US69 55-53-36-30 to 55-53-36-39
US70 to US79 55-53-37-30 to 55-53-37-39
US80 to US89 55-53-38-30 to 55-53-38-39
US90 to US99 55-53-39-30 to 55-53-39-39


National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA), Motion Imagery Program Office, DoD/IC/USIGS Motion Imagery Standards Board (MISB)

12300 Sunrise Valley Drive
Reston, VA 20195

+1 703 262 4415