SMPTE Registration Authority, LLC is the registration authority for SMPTE 330M-2004 SMPTE Standard for Television - Unique Material Identifier

SMPTE registers the Country Code for countries not registered in ISO 3166-1, Organization Code and Freelance operators.


UMID Organization code registrations

ASCII Names Hexadecimal Values Organization Date Registered
ABCN 41-42-43-4E ABC News 2008-03-04
BBC(SP) to BBC(DEL) 42-42-43-20 to 42-42-43-7F BBC 2003-12-02
GCEU 47-43-45-55 Globecast Europe 2005-09-06
NTV(SP) 4E-54-56-20 Nippon Television Network Corporation 2006-10-03
SONY 53-4F-4E-59 Sony Pictures Entertainment 2004-03-04
WDR(SP) 57-44-52-20 Westdeutscher Rundfunk 2004-08-02
WHCA 57-48-43-41 White House Communications Agency 2006-07-17